Erdemli was established as a private company at the beginning of 1980s and now manufactures road, run-way and railway sweeping machines in her facilities situated at a site of 48.000 m² at Industrial Zone of Çorum.

Erdemli Road Sweepers Machine About Company

The company which has been the pioner in Turkey in the production of truck-mounted vacuum road sweeper, nowadays is the leader in this field in Turkey and in nearby geography.


Erdemli Road Sweepers Machine Production


Erdemli  produce relevant products to manage the sweeping needs of roads, sidewalks, run-ways and railways effectively. The company produces truck mounted vacuum road, run way and railway  sweepers in various capacities according to the size of the carrying truck.  Erdemli aims to rise the  standarts of her products by efficent engieering works and improved production  facilities to present more useful machines  to her customers day by day.

Erdemli Road Sweepers Machine Production


Erdemli Road Sweepers Machine Engineering Research and Development

Our R&D department works continuously  to find new patented  solutions and hence to create products dependable and economical  in use for our customers.


Erdemli Road Sweepers Machine Engineering

Keeping streets, roads, sidewalks and common areas clean is of a great importance in terms of public health and quality of life. Being  aware of  this truth  our engineering team tries to obtain products which are efficient, robust and economical in use. In this sense, Erdemli has brought some patented features  to  the products. Thanks to good engineering that  the units which constitute Erdemli products  work in a good harmony with each other and bring reliable machines out. The products have good cleaning ability, low noise levels, reduced brush wear and fuel consumption.